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M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDCA

Dear Parent/Student,

i am extremly proud and privileged geing the Correspondent of PPMHSS, Anducode to mention a few words about our esteemed institution.

Founded by Late S.Purushothaman Pillai, a great visionary and edicationist, this school has salled through turbulent times and on each occasion acquring more strength for the betterment of society.

Our school is committed to impart knowledge and skill through value added education to student making himself self reliant when he leaves.

During the recent years, we have developed additional infrastructure so as to make our teaches, staff and students feel better and comfortable while spending their quality time in this school.

We have excellent teaching faculty and other amenities such as smart classes, well equipped laboratories, enriched library etc. matching with any other large schools in the cities. We also provide effective transporation facilities for better conveyance for children halling from remote areas.

I wish every student of this school feel comfortable, relieved, enthusiastic, peaceful and friendly in this school and come out with flying colours and attain great heights in life.

Assuring you the best of our services,

Thanking you,

Dr.Saji Kumar


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M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.

Dear Parent/Student,

First of all, let me wholeheartedly record my sincere appreciation and gratitude to one and all who are associated with this school over a long period of time, for their relentless support to this great institution.

Founded by a great visionary who was a teacher himself, this school has played a visit role in narrowing down the urban rural divide in the field of education and importing knowledge to the young population in this tiny village of Anducode.

We have an excellent teaching faculty that is totally devoted to transforming our students into a mature, responsible citizens. Our teachers are not only competent but committed and compassionate.

I am sure that the adequate Infrastuctural facilities developed in the recent post will help teachers, staff and students of this School to excel further in their sphere.

Our academic results have been very promising and motivating to strike bard further. Our students have proved their worth in the areas of sports and arts bringing laurels to our esteemed institution.

I also remember the great contribution by our local resodents, former Heads of this Institution, Former teachers, parents and alumini population as well, who have never displayed any kind of reluctance to support for the cause of this school.

I wish every student of this school to acquire as much knowledge as possible under guidance of teachers, set goals ,strive hard to accomplish the goals set and be strong backbone of support to your parents to whom you are much indebeted to.



Teaching Staff
1 Thiru. K. Vijayakumar M.A. M.Ed PGT
2 Tmt. C.K.Geetha M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil PGT
3 Tmt. R.S. Bindhu M.Sc., M.Ed.,M.Phil PGT
4 Tmt. K. R. Uma M.Sc., M.Ed.,M.Phil PGT
5 Tmt. L. Deepa Gopal M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil PGT
6 Tmt. C. Annshoba M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil PGT
7 Tmt. O. Usha Devi M.Sc., B.Ed.,M.Phil PGT
8 Dr. J. Jenish M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. PGT
9 Tmt. V. Kumari Sandhya M.A, B.Ed. PGT
10 Thiru. K.Sunil Kumar M.Sc., M.Ed. PGT
11 Thiru. K. S.Rajesh M.A., B.Ed PGT
12 Tmt. R. Dharsana M.Com, B.Ed. PGT
13 Tmt. P. Deepa Bini M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil. PGT
14 M.R. Dhanya M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. PGT
15 M.R. Reshmi MA, BEd. PGT
16 Tmt. C.Rethikakumari M.A., M.Sc.,B.Ed. PGT
17 Preethy.R MA, BEd. PGT
18 Tmt. M.S. Sree Rekha M.A, B.Ed. SA
19 K.R. Sujatha Devi M.Sc.,M.Ed. SA
20 Tmt V. Kumari RS. Lekha B.Sc.,BEd MPhil SA
21 Thiru. C.A. Jayasingh M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil SA
22 Tmt. S. Geetha M.A, B.Ed SA
23 Trnt. Asha GJ. MSc, M.Ed., M.Phil. SA
24 Tmt. Kumari V.P. Priya B.Sc, B.Ed. SA
25 Tmt. A. Mabel Rani MA, B.Ed. SA
26 Thiru. J.S. Pradeep Kumar M.A., B.Ed. SA Mal
27 Thiru. P. Christopher MA., M.Ed. M.Phil SA Tam
28 Tmt. A Jancy Rani M.A, B.Ed.,M.Phil SA Tam
29 Tmt. M.B. Kumari Sarala B.sc., B.Ed SGT
30 Tmt. S. Padmaja M.A., B.Ed. SGT
31 Tmt S. Suma B.Sc., B.Ed. Ju.Bt
32 Tmt. B.H. Vijayalakshmi M.Sc, BEd.M.Phil Ju.Bt
33 Tmt. S.P.Usha Kumari B.Sc., M.Ed. Ju.Bt
34 Thiru. R.S. Radha Krishanan Nair B.A., B.Ed Ju.Bt
35 Tmt. B. Sheeja Babu BPES, MA (Yoga) PET
36 Thiru. Vimal Edwarddhas BPES.,M.PEd.,CNIS PET
37 Tmt. J.S. Geetha Sewing Tr
38 Tmt. Y.A. Libin Green Rose B.Sc., B.Ed. Craft Tr.
39 Tmt. L. Shyla B.Sc., B.Ed. Music
40 Tmt. D.O. Sanuja PGT
Primary School
1 Thiru. K. Mohanan B.A., B.Ed. HM
2 Tmt. K.S. Sushama Devi S.G.T
3 Tmt.S. Chandra Kumari M.A., B.Ed S.G.T
4 Tmt. K.B. Beena S.G.T
5 Tmt G Joan Carolin S.G.T
6 Tmt. N.Agastenal S.G.T
Non Teaching Staff
1 Thiru. Jyothish Kumar DME Jun. Asst
2 Thiru B.K. Rajesh Kumar M.sc. Record Clerk
3 Thiru. K.B. Radhakrishnan. Office Asst.
4 Thiru PS. Sunilkumar Office Asst.
5 Thiru P. Antony Watcher
6 Sree Sankar Lab.Asst